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I’m tired of complaining, tired of waiting for something to happen.

So…I woke up this morning, pounded a 5 Hour Energy, got the kids to school, showered and went to the Club.  I biked for one hour, had rubber legs for 2 but I felt pretty good.  I had a renewed confidence, a little bounce in my step until  I got snubbed by one of the snotty football moms as I walked out.  I smiled and said “hi”.  She looked me in the eyes and walked right by.  Why do I care about that?  Really?  It’s her problem, right?  But it  bothered me. It squashed my confidence just like it did 20+ years ago in the halls of my high school.

Fueled by decades of angst, I decided to make a statement at football practice.  I was going to snub her right back.  My plan:  I’d make sure we made eye contact and then I would turn away first.  So high school, I know.  I’m not proud but whatever.  Anyway, my plan ended up a wash because she wasn’t there.  She sent her ruggedly handsome husband instead.  He was seated at the picnic table, surrounded by her pack.  They acted as if he was the first man they’ve seen in years.  He looked pretty miserable actually, I couldn’t help but laugh.  And just as I  headed back to the car, he broke away.

I turns out we were parked right next to each other.  We got in our cars, looked at each other and smiled.  He rolled down his window, gestured for me to do the same.

He pointed to the pack and asked, “Are they always like that?”

Caught off guard, I didn’t know what to say.  We stared at each other for an awkward moment then my brain kicked in, “I don’t know.  I don’t travel in packs.”

He chuckled, “a lone wolf”.

Another awkward silence.  He smiled warmly, picked up his newspaper and began to read.  I pretended to read my book but couldn’t concentrate.  I was thinking about him, sitting just a few feet away.  Wishing he’d call me over.

He’d gesture for me to join him.  My brain would hesitate but my body wouldn’t.  I’d find myself opening the door and getting in the front seat.  I’d be too nervous to look at him and he wouldn’t say a word, he’d just start the car and drive to a secluded area and park.  We’d sit quietly a moment until I had the courage to look at him . Our eyes locked.  What were we about to do?  He’d reach over, put his hand on my cheek.  The warmth of his hand would travel down my body like a current of electricity.  I’d become dizzy from anticipation.  Our rapid breath magnified, our lips yearning, he’d finally lean in and kiss me.

Suddenly I was snapped back into reality when my son got in the car.  Then sadly realized the car next to me had already gone.

Well that was fun escape but now it’s time to go make dinner.


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  1. i like how your mind works


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