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Not safe to go into the water…

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Something is happening and I don’t think it’s good. I wanted to be inspired and yes, I was bored but I’ve been feeling so strange. First I couldn’t stop thinking about Ryan then yesterday I saw his bitchy wife in the Club locker room and again she snubbed me. Seriously, who cares, right? Obviously me for some reason. It bothered me so much I did something really crazy. I’m really embarrassed that I sunk this low. It’s really stupid but here it goes…she didn’t have a lock on her locker, so I opened it, pulled out my Gold Bond powder and shook a bunch inside. It created a huge white cloud. I panicked, grabbed my stuff and ran out of there. How stupid was that? I don’t know what got into me. She’ll probably guess it was me who did it. There was no one else in there. Oh man. What did I do?


It doesn’t stop there. Today the football team had a pre-Christmas pizza party at a local restaurant. I waited at the Starbucks next door and who walks in? Ryan. I quickly put my head down and pretended to read but just couldn’t help but look up. He was in line and saw me. He smiled. I swear I turned purple. I mustered a smile then went back to my book. He got his coffee, looked around but there were no empty tables so he headed for the door, but suddenly he turned and walked over to me.

“You mind if I sit here? I think they’re going to be a while over there.”

“Sure”, I said. Awkward silence. Should I continue to read? Does he really want to talk or did he just need a place to sit? He broke the silence.

“Get all your Christmas shopping done?”

“Well, my husband is Jewish so…”

“Oh, sorry”, he said.

I laughed, “No need to be sorry. Did you get your shopping done?”

Crap..he looks bored. This is boring dialog Nicole.  “I let my wife handle that. It’s what she’s best at.”

Whoa. Not very fond of his wife maybe? Me neither Ryan…she’s a bitch. Awkward silence again. Hurry up, think of something to say!

“I sort of miss having a Christmas tree.” Well that was stupid.

“Yeah? I’d miss it too. I love when the house is decorated.” Okay…we’re back.

“It can really be magical.” Really Nicole? Magical?

“I just don’t like taking everything down. That’s a pain in the ass.” he said.  I chuckle.

Dammit. I know what I’ll be thinking about again tonight. As I look at him I’m picturing him wearing only a Santa hat. Oh my God. I hope he doesn’t know.

He asks, “Are you going to the Club New Year’s Eve Party?”

“Oh, ummm…” Hell no. The Club is filled with people like your bitchy wife Ryan. “I was thinking about it. Are you going?”

“Yeah. I have to go. The wife helps plan it. It’s fun. They always have a great DJ. You should go.”

Is that a hint? I think that’s a hint! “I probably will.”

He stands up. He was just being nice. He didn’t mean it. “I’m gonna go check next door. Maybe I’ll see you New Year’s”, he says.

“Yeah, maybe. Have a nice Christmas.”

He smiles, walks out. Great ass. Oh man. This is bad. Although I am writing so that part is good. Right? Yes. I’m writing and that was the point of starting this blog. So this is good. And sweet dreams tonight for sure.


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  1. a great ass is always good inspiration.


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