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Forced Holiday Fun

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I snuck in a little Christmas this year. I don’t think my husband minds, it’s more me not wanting to decorate and cook for two holidays so close together. But I needed a little cheer in the house and probably something to keep me busy. My in-laws are staying for a week. They usually get on my nerves but I’m thankful this year because they’re keeping my husband, okay I’ll say his name, Eric, occupied. Eric and I don’t talk much. I’d rather not talk alone than not talk with someone there. Does that make sense? I feel more alone with him than when I’m actually alone. Things haven’t been the same since I caught him cheating. We go to therapy, he says he’s sorry, swears he’ll never do it again but the problem is…I just don’t really care anymore. I think he killed something in me. Just going through the motions now.

So it’s quiet this year. The kids are off with their “significant others”. The Club is closed for a couple of days. What to do? Maybe try to come up with a story idea instead of writing about my boring life. Or play countless hours of Spider Solitaire. Hmmm…wonder what Ryan is doing? Just kidding. Happy Holidays!


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