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Calm after the storm

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It’s been an interesting few days. My in-laws left two days ago and not five minutes later Eric completely lost his mind. I didn’t see much of him while they were here but when we did cross paths he was cranky. I just thought his parents were getting on his nerves. But as it turns out, I was getting on his nerves. Apparently he wanted me to spend more time with them…and him. Since when? I called bullshit. I think his parents confronted him about the obvious tension and distance between us and he didn’t know what to say. He probably blamed me. I guess that’s why I ended up with the books. She thought it would help us? Anyway, he was yelling something about how unhappy he is and a dark cloud over our house or something like that. I was shocked because it sounded like he was blaming me. So sorry you’re miserable Eric. Maybe you should go screw another co-worker! Would that cheer you up? What an asshole.

So it was pretty bad, luckily the kids were out. I didn’t like him before this but now I just can’t stand him. How dare he blame me for the unhappiness in our lives!

Good news is I have a story idea outlined. I’m not going to let that selfish ass ruin my motivation. I did some meditating, I’ve been going to the Club…screw him. And you know what? I just decided…I AM going to that New Year’s party. And I’m going alone. Not for Ryan really, but to get out and dance and bring in the New Year right. There are a lot of singles there so I won’t feel silly. Yep. That’s what I’m going to do. I need a dress…and maybe a few visits to the tanning booth, shoes, hair did. Yes…I’m going!! Time for some tea and a hot bath…


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  1. i feel your pain…my ex didn’t cheat on me, but she might as well have.


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