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They’re All Gonna Laugh At You…

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2013…Off to a banging start!  I made a public spectacle of myself, had someone arrested, threw up on Ryan, called his wife a bunch of names and got banned from the Club…forever.  Oh yeah, and Eric picked me up from the hospital and I had to tell him the whole story.

The Whole Story” (actually, the condensed version):  The night started off fine.  I felt good, looked pretty good, I even found some people to mingle with so I didn’t feel completely awkward.  Ryan showed up about an hour after I did.  I was so nervous I tried to stay far enough away so he wouldn’t see me.  I hung out with a couple I’ve seen at the Club.  They were friendly enough, maybe a little weird but at least I had someone to talk to.  We had a few drinks and even danced.  When I finally crossed paths with Ryan it was around 11:30 and I was pretty buzzed.

He seemed surprised to see me.  “Hey!  You made it.  Did you just get here?”

“No, I’ve been here a couple hours.”

He looked around.  “Where’s your husband?”

Now remember…I was buzzed. “Well that was part of my New Year’s resolution…to leave him home more often.”

‘This didn’t get the reaction I had hoped for…at a loss for words but not in a good wayJust then Charlie, the husband from the couple I’d been hanging out with, walked over.  He and Ryan shared cordial but not friendly nods.  Charlie reminded me it was close to midnight and that he just opened a bottle of champagne to toast.  I said I’d be right there.

When Charlie was out of ear shot Ryan asked, “how do you know Charles?”

“I just met him and his wife tonight.”

“Well just be careful.  They’re sort of strange.” It looked like he wanted to say more but was holding back.

“You think I need to be careful?”

Then up walked the Queen Bitch, Ryan’s wife.  Do you know she refused to make eye contact with me?  Stood not two feet from me.  Now I had watched them both from across the room and she hadn’t paid any attention to him all night but she was laying it on thick now.

“You ready to bring in another New Year with me baby?”  She kissed him on the cheek, his expression stayed neutral.

He looked at me before he walked away, total misery in his eyes and said “Happy New Year Nicole.”

Back with the LaStranges now…almost midnight…5….4….3….2….1……HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!  Suddenly I was overwhelmed with, what am I doing here?  Who are these people?  I want to go home.  I actually started missing Eric.  So I planned my escape.  Another glass of champagne then I’d go home but suddenly I felt dizzy.  Too much champagne?  I am a lightweight.

I told the LaStranges and they walked me outside for some air.  Everything was spinning.  Next thing I knew, I was alone with Charlie.  Things get fuzzy but I know he had his hand inside the top of my dress.  Then his wife came back out and helped me get my coat on.   I couldn’t stand, she went to get their car while he sat with me, his hand now creeping up my thigh.  Then, like a knight in shining armor, Ryan came out and confronted Charlie.  I was lying on the bench, they were yelling at each other.

Spinning, spinning….flashing police lights….Ryan helped me stand.  I threw up on his shoes.  His bitchy wife was yelling at him.  I slurred something like, “how’dya like the powder bitch?”  Ambulance.  Emergency room.  People standing over me.  More throwing up.  Blur, blur, blur….wake up.  Bright lights, still in ER.  Eric sitting in the room.  Ugh.

The ER is a pretty happening place on New Year’s Eve but I think I’ll stay home from now on.  So basically I can never leave my house again since it seems like everyone in this town knows what happened.  It ends up that Charlie slipped me something.  They found evidence, he was arrested.  I was banned from the Club forever not for what happened but because in my purple haze I confessed to powdering that bitches locker.  I threw up on Ryan.  Then after months of having the upper hand with Eric, now I’m the one in the dog house.

Happy Freakin New Year.


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