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prison Something has to change because this is unbearable.  Somehow, I’m now the bad guy. Eric’s the one who cheated on me. I went out on New Year’s Eve and was drugged by a slimy swinger.  Not equal crimes in my book.  Not that I’m taking taking score on who did the worst thing…but what he did was way worse.  I did feel guilty for a couple of  days but that’s worn off.  Especially since he’s really milking it.

I’m over that.  The cow has dried up folks.

That just covers the problems my “incident” caused in my home.  Outside of my home, I’m officially the town ho.  YAY!  Sat in the car at the football fields today wearing big, Jackie O sunglasses and a bandanna.  I’m sure that may have fooled people who didn’t already recognize my car.  I think that X stuff may have caused some brain damage…I have to look into that.

So my goal now is to continue writing and find a new gym.  Maybe get a sex change and move to Argentina.  Just kidding.  I’d move to Paris.


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