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The Scarlet Letter

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I guess I should have known this was coming.  I guess in a way I sort of, kind of deserve it.  Ryan’s bitch of a wife talked to Eric.  She told him what I did to her locker and gave her guess as to why.  Was her guess right?  Am I hot for her hubby?  Well, yes.  But that was only part of the reason.  The other part, and the only one I admitted to Eric was that she is evil.  She is a horrible, snotty bitch who somehow managed to transport me back to high school.  Am I proud of what I did?  Not really….or a little.  I don’t know.  But life at home is worse than ever.  He really thinks he has the upper hand and what happened on New Year’s Eve has somehow washed away his sins.

I’m over it.  I will wear the scarlet letter.  But if I’m going to wear it, I’m going to do it justice.

On a more positive note, I’m about 20 pages into my first novel.  It’s a dark tale so this crap is actually helping.  I have to put this all into perspective.  The most important thing here is…I am a Mom.  I need to maintain my dignity and be strong for my kids.  At this point, the way I feel, divorce is inevitable.  I don’t want to put them through anything worse than that.  I guess being a parent means you have to be the bigger person sometimes.  Not always easy but it’s what I teach them so…lead by example.  I sure will try.  They’re really great kids.

I think I’ll go make them a special dinner now.  Jack ass will probably think I did it for him though, in effort to make up for my sins.  Maybe I’ll add extra pepper to his dish.


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