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Tables are turning, spinning, flying…

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turn tables

Things have calmed down a bit since I again have the upper hand.  I know that sounds horrible and  unhealthy but my marriage is over, so while we’re stuck here together this works out much better for me.

So here is what the upper hand gets me:

My membership restored at the Club…okay, that’s it but I’m satisfied.  No other gym has a pool and hot tub.  I really miss those things.

I know I jokingly only briefly mentioned my Greg encounter  earlier this week.  I was sort of mortified over it, still am.  I met him at Starbucks again but this time no BJ.  It was obvious that’s what he “came” for though and that was a total turn off.  Who does he think he is anyway?  He can just call me and I’ll show up to service him?  How arrogant.   I don’t even like him.  I still can’t even believe I did it.  For me it was more like a revenge against my husband thing.  I used him dammit!  What a stupid thing to do.  Just what I needed too…more little things to chip away at my self esteem.

I’m taking the kids on vacation in a couple of weeks.  We’re going to visit my Mother in Naples, FL.  Can’t wait to get out of here for a while.  I wonder if Eric and Cindy will have sex in my bed.  Eww.  He swears he’s not seeing her but he forgets, because he’s a total idiot, that I can check who he calls on our cell phone bill.  They text all the time and he’s had to go out to get milk a couple of times this week.  He’s never done that the whole time we’ve been married.  Does he think I’m stupid?  I wonder what she’s telling Ryan.

I think the kids know something is going on although I’m trying extra hard to act like everything is normal.  I’m probably over doing it.  They’re smart kids.

Looking forward to the hot tub tomorrow.  And I’m up to page 47 on my novel!

My life seemed so boring, uninspired and normal two months ago.  Not sure I like this better yet.  Time will tell.


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