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Please, don’t pinch me….

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kiss on the beach

I must be dreaming.  Seriously.

Okay, let’s analyze this.  We’re two people in unhappy marriages.  Our spouses are fooling around with each other.  I think anyway.  I don’t even know if they’re together anymore.  As it turns out, neither of us has had sex in a while, me longer than him.  And we’re unhappy in our marriages.  Wait, I already said that.

But I feel so good.  I really missed this feeling.  The electricity that runs through your body when you think of that person.  It’s like a current that shoots out of your….hoo haa.  I can’t sit still.  I want him all the time.  I’m in big trouble.

We’ve been together two times since I wrote last.  Two amazing times.  Once in the city again and the other wrapped up in blankets on the freezing cold beach.

This is bad but somehow good.  I’ve been happier at home.  Even pleasant to Eric.  I’m just happy.  He has to know something is up.  He doesn’t seem to happy though.  I guess Cindy doesn’t do the same for him.  Too bad.  Boo hoo Eric.  Maybe go back to the Cee U Next Tuesday you were doing at work.  Jack ass.

Never mind him.  I want to stay happy. I wonder how long we can keep this going.  I’d really like to NOT disrupt my daughter’s senior year, next year.  Can we make it that long?  I think I should have had an affair years ago.


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