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pile of crap

Just a giant pile of shit.

Ryan and I had plans for one last night together, I leave for Naples with the kids in the morning.  I packed my things, helped the kids pack.  I was actually really looking forward to spending some time with them.  I still am.  That hasn’t changed.  What has changed is…everything else.

Did you ever lie about something and forget that you lied to the point that you believed the lie was the truth?  Yeah.  Confusing. I didn’t lie exactly, I just didn’t tell Ryan that I knew the truth.  I knew that Cindy and Eric were messing around when he told me.  I never even gave that a second thought.  And while I knew this wouldn’t last, I didn’t think it would end so soon.  I didn’t think it would end up with me being the bad guy again.

Cindy wants to go to a marriage counselor so she came clean.  About everything.  She told Ryan I promised to keep quiet if she restored my Club membership.  That sounds so horrible now.  At the time it worked though.  It didn’t seem selfish at all.  I was disgusted with Eric and Cindy and so glad to have the upper hand again.  Very self centered, I know.

I wonder what Eric did that drove her back to Ryan with a vengeance.  Probably just being himself.

So now Ryan hates me.  I lost my membership to the Club again.  I’m married to an idiot.  And Cindy not only screwed my husband but then took hers back and ruined any chance I had with him.  Why do those types of girls always seem to win?  “Those types of girls“?  She’s forty years old for Christ sake.  You aren’t in high school Nicole!!

I need a vacation.  Good thing my bags are packed.


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