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What the hell has happened to my life? I still can’t get over the last couple of months.  I was sitting on the beach with my daughter yesterday and she asked me what was going on.  I played dumb, natural response.  She’s smart though.  She knows something is up.  I just told her, “Dad and I have been married a long time and sometimes people grow apart.”  What a programmed, after school special response.

A while later, after much silence she asked if we were getting divorced.  I asked it that would bother her.  She turned onto her stomach to tan her back.  More silence,  Then I heard sniffles. My heart broke and I knew.  I knew I had to stay with Eric, at least until she graduated high school next year.  I told her we hadn’t gotten to that point yet and I didn’t think we would.  I lied.  Told her I thought we were just going through a rough patch but we would end up working it out.  The sniffles stopped.

A year and a half.  I’m in for a year and a half.  Approximately 550 days.  I can do this.  For my kid, I can do this.

And the countdown begins…550, 549, 548…


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  1. Thanks for liking my blog. I wish you luck in your pursuit of writing. I believe it to be a great form of therapy, often reminding oneself of one’s true identity and framing reality in surprising meaning and insight. X


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