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Born to be Bad

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Angel cherbub

I’ve always had to work at being a good girl.

Being bad is so much easier.

It wasn’t easy but I resisted temptation.  Had second…and third thoughts about meeting Mr. Lambert on Friday and cancelled.  So many reasons why that was a bad idea and only one ‘good’ reason…and let’s face it, that was bad too!!

So no teachers, no husbands of mine enemies, no men of any kind.  Not right now.  Living with Eric has contributed to my current distaste for the male species, although I can’t say the same for him.  He goes out almost every night with … well, who knows.  At least he’s out and away from me.

With this new focus I have been writing like crazy.  I don’t know if its any good, but it sure does feel good.  I’ve entered a short story competition also.  You’re assigned a genre, a character and a subject and for the first round you have seven days to complete a 2500 minimum word story.  My group was assigned “Fairy Tale”.  Ugh.  I’m struggling but I think I came up with a unique spin on the parameters I was given.  I could really use some feedback on my writing.  I have no one to bounce it off so if nothing else that will be helpful.  Maybe I’ll post it here if it’s not too embarrassing.  I feel a bit schitzo writing a fairy tale while I also work on my novel which is dark.  Dark, dark…dark.  Sick even. Not surprisingly, it’s flowing like a faucet.  So much easier to be bad. . .


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