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Are you a mule or just an ass?

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I was thinking about the word “stubborn” as I used it to describe someone’s character.

“Stubborn” is a choice made by a person who is “strong-willed”, which is the actual character trait.

A strong-willed person can either use this character trait in a positive way or a negative one.

* * *

When faced with a difficult situation or something you don’t want to do,

mule trouble

you can either…

mule 1

refuse to even try. . .

mule 15

or find some type of motivation and get it done.

* * *

When you’re cranky and things aren’t going your way

mule fighting

you can choose to fight,

taking it out on friends and family. . .

mule 10

Or you can suck it up,


put a smile on your face

mule friends

and be grateful for what you do have.

* * *

Why use that strong-will for negative?

Use it for positive.

Turn the stubborn mule in you on it’s ass!

Make yourself get up and get dressed, even when you don’t want to.

mule 6

Instead of wasting time complaining about it,

mule 16

do the best job you can even if  it’s something you don’t like.


People are attracted to positive energy.

Your friends will thank you for it.

mule 2

mule 11

Your partner will too.

* * *

Don’t close yourself off.  Get out there.

mule 9

mule carefree and happy

Choose to be happy.


mule 14


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  1. Who doesn’t love advice in picture form! Very nicely done! You don’t seem like a “bored housewife,” and you are inspiring so look no further than yourself for inspiration (Or is the bored housewife thing just part of a joke – and I didn’t get it?).

    Unfortunately, I think I am both an ass and a mule,

    • Thanks! 🙂 I’m trying to get un-bored. The blog is definitely helping. The mule post was inspired by my 18 year old daughter who needs to flip her strong will to the positive side. I myself am definitely mostly ass. 😀

      • A strong will at 18 – well, if not then when? Life slaps us all around – positive, negative, bored, . . .

        I look forward to your posts and humor in the future – this one was far from boring and knowing you were thinking of your daughter is nice.

        Again thanks for the original entertaining post,

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  3. This made me smile. Nice Nicole. 🙂

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  5. Sorry Jackson. I took it down. I only use pics with no watermark and no artist’s name that are just floating around the internet. Someone obviously grabbed your pic before I did. I’m a photographer too, although not nearly as good as you ( ) but I watermark photos I don’t want anyone to use. 🙂


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