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Moms Gone Wild – Wet T-Shirt Edition (Part I)

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I went to a follow-up parent’s meeting last night at the high school. Of course Mr. Lambert was there. I’ll spare you the boring details, I can’t remember many anyway, which is a problem since I was appointed head of some committee. Appointed by Mr. Lambert, without consulting me first which I thought was weird, but I couldn’t say no in front of fifty or so parents and faculty.

smoulder 2

The meeting itself was lots of talk, blah, blah, blah….I wasn’t paying attention because Mr. Lambert was staring at me. I tried to look away but his dark, sexy eyes pulled me in.

The way he was looking at me, I felt naked. Like he could see through my clothes. I became really self-conscious, feeling that somehow the others saw me naked too. Like one of those dreams where you’re naked at school or work. I kept fidgeting in my chair, I was sure everyone noticed. My face was flush, my ears were hot…I thought I might be having a panic attack then…meeting adjourned. Whew. (The photo isn’t him but that IS the look)

Then mingle, mingle, mingle. Refreshments. I went to the table where drinks were set up. Seconds later, Lambert was next to me. As he reached across to grab a soda, his arm lightly brushed against my chest. Suddenly my nipples sprung to life, I think I even gasped out loud.

“I hope you don’t mind that I appointed you to the (I still can’t remember) committee”, he said.

Did I say something here? I’m not sure. All I kept thinking was, touch my nipple again Lambert! And then…he did. He picked up a soda then as he brought his arm back over, the cold wet can brushed against my now protruding nipple. There I was, eyes wide open, nipples straight out and holding my breath. Yet he acted as if nothing happened. Was it an accident?

“If you can’t do it just let me know”, he said before he smiled and walked away.

I stood frozen a moment, looked down at my blouse and saw a wet spot around my nip. One of the female teachers walked up to the table. She smiled and swear her eyes went right to the wet spot and I could somehow hear her thoughts, “Oh my God! Those nipples are gonna cut right through her shirt”!

Okay, now I AM having a panic attack. I walked briskly to the ladies room, trying hard to avoid Lambert’s stare.

—Sorry, can’t finish right now. Have to drive the Mom cab. Tune in later for Part II of “Moms Gone Wild – Wet T-Shirt Edition”.


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