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Moms Gone Wild – Wet T-Shirt Edition (Part II)

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After sticking my boob under the hand dryer for about 10 minutes, the wet spot on my shirt disappeared.  I checked myself in the mirror, gathered up strength and walked out of the ladies room.  When I came out, only a few people remained, Mr. Lambert was no where in sight.  I felt relieved but I’ll be honest, I was also disappointed.  There, I said it.  Did I really think I could fool myself?  How stupid is that?  Like it was a coincidence that I primped for a parent/teacher meeting and just so happened to stop by Victoria’s Secret earlier that day where somehow, a new, sexy bra and panties set ended up my bag? I’m not doing it for him, no way.  I always wear sexy undies to PTA meetings.  What an ass I am.

Anyway, I headed to my car, there were only a few left in the lot, one parked next to mine.  It was dark, I didn’t see anyone in the other car so I was startled when the passenger window rolled down as I unlocked my door.  I spun around and there he was.

“Did I scare you?  I thought you saw me. Sorry”.

“No, it’s just so dark.  I. . .” — I what Nicole?  Think of something.  I…I…I want to show you my new panties.  — “So, great meeting tonight”.  That’s what you decided to say?  Holy shit.

He laughed at me.  “I guess…if you’re starved for excitement”.  And then came the look.  “You hungry?”

“For excitement?”  I asked, totally clueless.

He laughed at me again.  “No, for food.  I haven’t eaten yet.”

Could I look like a bigger ass in front of this guy?  “Well, I ate before the meeting”.  The answer is, YES!  You can look like a bigger ass!


“Yes, Mister Lambert”.

“Get in the car”, he smiled.  I guess I wasn’t fooling him either.


I got in the car.  I sat there, frozen.  I was so nervous I couldn’t even look at him.


I could hardly breathe.  I felt him staring at me.  “Yes?”

He leaned in closer.  I felt his hot breath in my ear, then he whispered. . .”I like it when you call me Mister Lambert”.


Something inside me switched “on”.  That was fucking dirty…and I liked it.

He turned my face toward him and kissed me…hard.  No easing into it.  I felt like I was going to explode.  He unbuttoned my shirt.  I felt dizzy, the windows were steaming up.  I started getting a god damned hot flash. He kissed down my neck, over my breast then…he bit my nip.  I gasped.  Suddenly the background music seemed to turn into a porn soundtrack…chicka pow wow.

“Oh Mister Lambert”!

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