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My life is officially a Jerry Springer episode

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What has happened to my life?  I just found out that my husband in the dungeon has been seeing my older sister.  Okay, she’s just my step sister and I can’t stand her anyway or else I’d be going bat shit crazy right now.  At this moment, I’m just regular crazy.  This goes beyond crossing the line.  This hurdles into Jerry Springer territory.  What the hell is the matter with him?  I’m disgusted with her although I can sort of understand a lonely, pathetic spinster lusting after a younger, off limits guy.  But him?  Ugh.  What am I supposed to do with this information, besides throw up?  I guess nothing.  I need to not think about it, like ever, ever again.


What makes certain people capable of “crossing the line” anyway?  Like mothers who go after their daughter’s boyfriends, teachers or coaches who seduce students, PRIESTS!  Some would say it probably stems from some sort of abuse in their past.  But I don’t buy that.  If you were abused, you’d know how horrible it made you feel so wouldn’t you make sure you NEVER did that to someone else? I have a history of abuse, nothing huge, just a piano teacher who had wandering hands.  But it made me more sensitive to the issue.  I don’t know.  People are fucked up.  I don’t usually let things get to me but this has really done a number on me.  I may need to go on a little vacation before I’m forced to take one…in a rubber room or behind bars.


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  1. 100 shades of wrong

  2. There are temptations all around us. But to give in to THAT one in particular…ugh. I have no explanation of that. Who can say how another deals with past pain. You never know what is going on in their head but your Stepmother? Dayummm.

  3. I wrote on my “about” page that some of my stories are embellished or even just completely made up. This unfortunately is true.

  4. Just changed it to “step sister” to protect the not so innocent. Not that anyone in my family knows about this blog.


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