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Part 3 of: What I Did on My Spring Vacation

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At first I wasn’t sure what I was looking at.  It was a nursery, sort of.  The furniture looked like regular furniture that someone had altered to look like baby furniture.  For a really big baby.

“Do you know what this is Nicole?”

“I’m not really sure.  She doesn’t have a baby.”

“This isn’t for a baby, it’s for adults.  It’s a fetish room.  Your step sister is into some really weird shit.”

I still didn’t understand.  I squeezed passed him to get a better look.  Everything was oversized.  Then I saw the huge diapers.  Oh…My…God.

Lambert picked up a large photo album, “My Precious Baby”.  We looked at each other.  I’m sure we were both thinking…don’t open it.  But we had to, out of morbid curiosity.

“Holy shit.”  Lambert slowly flipped through the pages of grown men in diapers, some drinking out of bottles and….ewwwwwwww…Shannon breastfeeding.  He dropped the book and left the room.

Seconds later he called to me from the other room, “Let’s get out of here Nicole, come on.”

I picked up the book and put it back where it was then headed out.  Suddenly something struck me.  I went back in the room and over to the book.  I had to check. I flipped through the pages of these men who, besides the diaper, looked like average guys.  There were at least thirty pages of them and then…there it was.  On the last page.  Eric.  In a diaper.

Lambert came back to the door.  “Nicole, let’s go.  Nicole?”

I couldn’t move.  Shock maybe.  Total shock.  How can this be happening? Who is this person I married?  I felt Lambert next to me, he was looking at the picture too.  “It’s Eric.  My husband”.

He gently took the book from me, put it back where it was and guided me out of the room.  “I don’t understand”, I said.  But I did understand.

Suddenly I got angry.  Furious.  Disgusted.  Humiliated.  You name it, I felt it.

When we got to the living room, I stopped.  I grabbed a vase and threw it across the room…FUCK YOU Eric!.  Then I picked up a Yankee Candle jar…Oh, Macintosh apple, my favorite.  FUCK YOU Shannon!…I threw that too.  Lambert was startled at first but then just let me go.  He stood by the door and watched.

She had a bunch of decorative plates  hanging on the wall, like Frisbees I threw every single one of them.  I smashed her two lamps then picked one up and used it like a bat.  I struck the flat screen TV, then the DVD player.  I smashed everything in sight then stood there and looked at it.  It needed one more thing.

I went back to the demented nursery, picked up the book and brought it back to the living room.  I opened it to Eric’s picture and propped it  in the middle of the mess.

“Are you sure you want to do that?  They’ll obviously know it was you.”

“I want them to know.  I’m ready to go now, Mr. Lambert.”

He took me by the hand and led me out.

When we got to our cars he asked, “Do you wanna go out for a drink or something?”  He was being very sweet actually.  I think he felt sorry for me.  Lambert has a gentle side, what do you know…

I looked at him, oh those smoldering eyes. “Meet me at my house in an hour.  The door will be unlocked.  I’ll be hiding.  Come find me.”

I got in my car and laughed.  Oh Eric.  I’m gonna screw Lambert in our house, in our bed.  You sick son of a bitch.  I always knew you were a big fucking baby. 

hit guy in dapers



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  1. Somewhat in shock – but amused, entertained, and thinking this Lambert guy has a lot going for him. I must say that as far as quiet, peaceful weekends go, this was very far from one of those 😉 Hate step-sister.

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