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As I lay sleeping…(What I Did on My Spring Vacation, Grand Finale)

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After a night of exhausting passion with Mr. Lambert, I slept in for the first time in years.  I woke up at 11, refreshed and ready to deal with what I found out about Eric yesterday.  I called out to see if Lambert was still in the house.  I didn’t think he would be, he told me he had an appointment at 10 am.  I actually appreciated that he didn’t wake me up.  Still naked, I threw on my robe, grabbed a cup of coffee then took a shower.

While in the shower I made a big decision.  I think most clearly in the shower, I’m not sure why.  Anyway, I decided that this marriage has to end.  It’s been over for a while but now he needs to leave.  I know we’re not fooling the kids so what’s the point?  I felt really good about that.  Like a weight had been lifted.

panties on the line

Energized and empowered I went to get dressed for the day only to find that ALL of my underwear was missing.  My panties drawer was empty and I had just done laundry so I knew it was full.  I just stood there, baffled.  He stole my panties?  What the hell?

I checked the hamper, the two pairs I knew were in there were gone.  I checked the dryer, none in there.  Holy crap.  I’ve been panty raided.  Who the hell does that?

So my plans for the day were to go to the gym, meet with the divorce lawyer, do a big food shopping since everyone comes home tomorrow and now I had to add a trip to Victoria’s Secret.  I really need to stay away from this guy.


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