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WP Daily Prompt – The Glass

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Is it half full or half empty?

An age old question.

A true test of character.

Be careful how you answer, you will be judged.

Personally, I think it depends on how thirsty you are.



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  1. You’re right, it DOES depend on how thirsty you are. As for the actual question, I believe it changes from day to day, depending on how determined and motivated you are, and what your individual world view may be. On a bad day, nothing looks very positive. On good days, we can conquer the world.

  2. You got my “double entendre”. 🙂

  3. I think for me it depends on if the waiter is coming around with a pitcher.

  4. Or how cute the waiter is. 😉

  5. David M. Green

    I’m a realist so the glass is always half full and half empty for me. 🙂

  6. Great post….and love the e-card!!

  7. I think half full, as long as I wake up every morning! I wanted to say, I cannot find the source, but in high school we had on our cork board quotes and I wanted to say this one was attributed to Woody Allen: “Sex without love is just lust.” I used it once when a guy tried to push me pretty heavily into a ‘one night stand.’ Could not figure out where to put this, but I like your own Woody Allen quote on your blog!!

  8. David M. Green

    One persons relationship is another persons immorality. Thanks to feminism I don’t consider it a real date unless the woman in question pays her own way. Just as men who expect their date to have sex with them because they paid for the date are taking advantage of the woman. A woman who expects the man to always pay for her company is taking economic and financial advantage of the man.

    • Not sure what your comment has to do with the “Glass half empty/half full” subject but I guess if everyone followed your logic it would be a good way to keep the classes separated. I know I couldn’t afford to date a rich guy. As far as “taking economic and financial advantage of the man”, he certainly has a choice to NOT date a woman like that just as I have the choice NOT to date a man who would ask me out and expect me to pay…especially if he makes more money than I do (and statistically speaking, men STILL make more money than women). Strange you would post these particular thoughts here but I’m always open for debate. 🙂

  9. David M. Green

    My comment was in response to the comment by reocochran and your reply and comment in regards to Woody Allen. While I do not condone his actions I’ve seen plenty of women act just as immoral and worse. The difference being that while women condemn Woody Allen they condone the same immorality committed by their sisters by their silence.

    The reality is that women and men who do the same type of work and work the same hours are paid the same; while more and more women are actually being paid more than their male counterparts.

    Instead of comparing apples to apples feminists lump all women into one group and men in another then draw the conclusion that women are treated unfairly. The truth is that women tend to cluster in less physically demanding, low risk low paying jobs, demand flexibility, work less hours and put in less overtime then men. All of which affects what one is paid. While women who work just as hard as their male counterparts and put in the same hours – including overtime – either make the same pay or are paid more than their male counterparts.

    I overcame the physical and emotional abuse heaped upon me by women during my childhood in order to marry and start a family. Only to watch a few years after my marriage as law after law demanded by feminists was passed that limit, restrict and abridge my rights in regards to my family. That place me at a severe disadvantage to my wife and expose me to the very real possibility of “Financial Rape” – the loss of everything I have worked hard to achieve.

    I personally will never take that risk again and the only women I will ever consider spending time with – should I ever find myself single again – are those who are willing to pay their own way; while avoiding those who seek to take advantage of me financially.

    • Sounds to me like you’re doing a fair amount of “lumping all women into one group” yourself. I’m not going to waste my time debating someone so one sided and bitter.

  10. while you guys are debating the half full/half empty glass, I have already solved it…it’s fully empty now…damn! I was thirsty.


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