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WP Writing Challenge: DUSTBUSTER

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Today’s Word Press Writing Challenge:  New ways to use cleaning supplies.

I never thought of a “Dustbuster” as anything more than a valuable tool in my lazy cleaner’s supply box, along with my can’t-live-without Lysol wipes of course.  But a recent exchange with a much younger man, who much to my surprise flirted with me shamelessly, got me thinking…

dust buster

We all know what we call older women who go after younger guys.  It begins with a “C” and ends with an “ougar”.

Close up of a Cougar face in an Autumn forest with red maple leaves

But what do we call young guys who go after older women?  “Geriatric Gigolos”?   “Senior Seducers”?

They’re not as common as cougars but for all the young guys out there with an appetite for Betty White, I hereby dub thee: “DUSTBUSTERS”.

Let’s be honest, most of us older ladies don’t get it as often as we used to and we need our pipes cleaned once in a while.  So, when your drain is clogged and your brain is fogged, who you gonna call?  DUSTBUSTERS!

When cobwebs hang, from your old lady thang, who you gonna call?


dust buster couple

One more…

If your vag feels funny, you might have a dust bunny, who you gonna call?

You know the rest.  🙂



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  1. LMAO!

    Unfortunately women get called cougars anytime there’s so much as a 3-5 year age difference, or more, between them and whoever they’re in a relationship with. Calling a woman a cougar makes it sound like she preyed upon the guy, sunk her claws in, bit the back of his neck, and then dragged him off to a cave. Lets be real, they come willingly.

  2.’re right…no fight. 🙂

  3. lol 🙂 Briliant…Go the dustbusters :0…Dawny xxx

  4. I knew I wanted a dustbuster for some reason… I know!!

  5. Older women are cougars for desiring younger men; older men are dirty old men for desiring younger women. I would rather be predatory than dirty, and I would rather be with an older women than younger. Don’t call me dirty, call me flirty. The women I have loved were all older, satisfies my desire for the bolder, content I may enjoy, not just a toy, but like the boy I can enjoy, the toy.

  6. I married a dust buster! He pursued me I did not pursue him. I wonder if that was a mistake sometimes.

  7. Dustbusters doesn’t sound as “good” (if indeed that is the correct word to use) as Cougar. But then even Cougar doesn’t really pull up images that are that great.0

  8. My daughters school is having a carnival tomorrow, called “Cougar Carnival.” Cougar is their school mascot.

    LOL! I thought of this post. I am going to attend since I married a Dustbuster so maybe I should accept & embrace my inner Cougar.


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